Gadget Insurance at Low Prices

Gadget Insurance at Low Prices
Vision Mobile have a fantastic product – Vision Insurance. Whilst your mobile network may add insurance at a pretty high price, Vision can cover any new mobile device with gadget insurance and genuinely low prices.
Starting at just £1.99 with the promise of a free 3 months we can’t see why you might not choose them above any others offering gadget insurance.
Whether you have a mobile used for business or it’s a personal mobile that you’ve bought as a new toy, now is the time to insure it and make sure thatyou’re covered should it get lost, stolen or damaged in an accident.
They have a range of options that are clearly priced, such as the basic insurance that covers a mobile up to the value of £149 and their impressive ‘Mobile Office 10’ – at just £19.99 you can cover 10 mobiles up to the value of £2,500.
To find out more about these impressive gadget insurance policies, guaranteed to be low priced the call the team to discover your next insurance coveron 0871 200 3274.