Joined Up Communications

Joined up Communications

Communications are changing at a rapid pace, with customers looking for any little thing that will make their lives easier. From a business point of view, this advancement is fantastic, there are now several different ways you can interact with customers and benefit yourself.. That includes making sure your IT and communications work together and can adapt to changing business needs.

To operate your business effectively it is important to ensure smooth day-to-day running, this is why we offer all of our customers a joined up communications package. We’ve created Joined up Communications. It means we can look after all your business mobiles, Business landlines, Phone Systems, Broadband, and IT all though one provider, us!

There are many benefits of opting for joined up communications:

  1. Easy bill payments – having all your services in one place means only one bill to pay, less hassle and time wasted.
  2. Take advantage of discounts – often having all your services with one supplier means you can receive a saving from your provider.
  3. No Hassle – One dedicated Account Manager to look after all your Business Mobile, Landlines, Phones systems, IT and Mobile Insurance.. One Call for Support
  4. Referral bonus – we will offer you a bonus for each person you get to sign up to our services. We will give you £20 for mobile signups and £10 for landline.

For all your business mobile and landline needs, contact us on 0871 200 3274 for more information on how joined up communications can benefit you. Here at Vision Mobile UK we want to do all we can to help your business.