Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance

In today’s business world it’s very rare that you won’t require access to a mobile device such as a mobile phone, iPad and/or tablet. Mobile devices are fantastic business tools as they enable you to conduct your daily business dealings on the move without having to be confined to an office. The potential problem with mobile devices is that accidents can occur which results in damage being caused to your expensive items, unfortunately this risk is greatly enhanced when you are mobile yourself.

Thanks to the team here at Vision Mobile, you can rest assured that your mobile devices are fully protected with our varied mobile insurance packages.

Our different insurance packages can include the following –

  • Cover for Loss or Theft
  • Water Damage Cover
  • 24-48hr Replacement Service
  • International Cover
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Breakdown Cover

Through our website, you’ll see on our mobile insurance page the fantastic benefits we can provide you with our packages, such as 3 months FREE insurance through to experiencing excellent savings of up to 25% from the high street.

Don’t delay in protecting your precious mobile devices for your business, you can contact us today on 0871 200 3274 and we look forward to assisting you further.