o2 Approved Business Mobiles

O2 Approved Business Mobiles

Vision Mobile are proud to be members of the o2 Approved Partner Network and as such are suppliers of o2 approved business mobiles. Vision Mobile were chosen for the network due to our knowledge and expertise when it comes to delivering solutions and services our customers deserve.

The network gives us access to the latest in innovation and leading edge technologies including limited edition handsets which are only available to o2 customers.  We regularly attend courses at the Partner Training Academy and have to adhere to strict accreditation rules and a code of conduct.

Some of the other services we offer with o2 approved business mobiles included setting up a bill analyser and training your staff how to use it to allow you to monitor and manage your business mobile usage more effectively.  We can also offer a best deal service which will review your usage and tariff every 6 months and recommend a change to a better one if you would benefit from it. 

Finally, sourcing o2 approved business mobiles from Vision Mobile also gives you access to Priority Ticketing to events at the o2 venues throughout the UK, which can be great for corporate entertaining or staff incentives.  To find out more about the benefits your business can gain from o2 approved business mobiles, why not give Vision Mobile a call on 0871 200 3274 and one of their highly trained professional o2 approved business mobiles consultants will be happy to answer all of your questions.