O2 Business Landlines

O2 Business Landlines

Here at Vision Mobile, we are an o2 approved supplier of business landlines.  O2 is gaining a reputation for being a very reliable business landline supplier.  O2 business landlines are available for the following types of line.

Single Analogue

A single line, just like a residential landline.

Multi Line analogue

Two or more lines using the same number, allowing several people to have their own outgoing line with the same incoming number.


A digital line with 2 channels that can be used for voice, data, video or fax.   ISDN2e is expandable by adding more lines to the connection allowing people to have their own number, generally run through a PBX phone system.


A digital line with between 8 and 30 channels with the features of ISDN2e.

Switching to or getting a new business landline with o2 is incredibly easy and Vision Mobile will take care of everything to ensure that the switch and/or installation goes smoothly and that you are notified at every stage of the process.

O2 business landlines come with 200 minutes of free calls to o2 mobiles included free of charge and if you choose to have your business mobiles with o2 you will received one centralised bill to help cut down on administration.  To find out how your company could benefit from o2 business landlines, give the highly trained professional business telecoms consultants at Vision Mobile a call on 0871 200 3274 today.