Where to get a Business BlackBerry

Where to get a Business BlackBerry

For many years BlackBerry has dominated the mobile business market and for good reason. BlackBerry’s have been known to increase connectivity and efficiency of workers across a range of industries and they were the first on the market to really target this niche.

BlackBerry reserved its place as the king of business offering the convenience of a Qwerty keypad and email on the go. These are characteristics that we still love today, only now BlackBerry have so much more to offer including revolutionary technology and great business apps.

Are you considering getting BlackBerry smartphones for your business? If so you will not be disappointed, BlackBerry’s offer a sense of freedom allowing you and your employees to work on the move. Make the most of your commute to work or the train ride between meetings.

We have some excellent Blackberry models to choose from which include the 9320, 9360 and the 9380 (to name a few). Blackberry also provides some exlcusive benefits such as the following –

  • BIS – Blackberry Internet Service, this is perfect for small businesses and consumers alike where your can seamlessly integrate your POP3 accounts.
  • BES Express – Blackberry Enterprise Service Express, perfect for small to medium sized businesses who reguarly need access to company emails through intergration with microsoft exchange.

There is no need to wonder where to get a business BlackBerry from, here at Vision Mobile UK we have great business plans on offer, including a fantastic range of the latest BlackBerry handsets to choose from. Why not browse our online store today, or call us on 0871 200 3274 for more information.

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