Contract Summary & FAQs

Of our services

The main things you need to know...

Payment methods

We only accept payments using direct debit, BACS, Cheque. Direct Debit is free of charge, all other payment methods incur a payment processing charge of £4.99 exclusive of VAT.

Rejected Payments
If your payment is rejected by your bank an administration fee of £25 will be applied.

Late payment fees
If your previous invoice has not been paid at the time of producing your next invoice, a late payment fee of £15.00 will be charged to business customers so that we cover our administration costs.


All bills will be sent by email, Paper bills will incur a charge of £4.99 + vat.

All Line Rentals will be charged in 1 month in advance plus remaining days of the current month your account goes live in.

All call charges will be billed 1 month in arrears for previous month.

Example: if you connect on the 20th of the month (31 day month) you will be charged 11 Days + 1 Month Advance Line Rental Charges, therefore 1 month and 11 days.

Out of bundle, International, Roaming Rates, Fair Usage Policy

To visit Out Of Bundles Rates visit
To view our Fair Usage Policy visit
To View Roaming Rates visit

Standard Rates

We reserve the right to move you to our standard pricing tariffs at the end of your minimum contract period.

Notification and Changes

Vision can change the contract and charges at any time and will publish these online at notifications will be published 30 days in advance.

Auto Renewal

We do operate an Auto-Renewal for Companies with more than 10 employees please please click here to view policy. Or visit Auto renewals page on T&Cs tab on website.

Hardware Supplied

Any equipment supplied Free of Charge remains property of Vision Mobile. At the end of the minimum period you can either return equipment or purchase title of goods. Please note if you chose to disconnect early all equipment must be returned in working condition to Vision or title of goods purchased.

Out of hours Support

Vision are open 9.30 to 5pm Mon to Thurs and 9.30 to 4pm Friday, for all out of hours support please visit for more information.

All Mobile Lost / Stolen Bars outside of office hours, please call Network directly all details available at for more information.

Faulty Equipment & Returns

All faulty hardware must be reported within 7 days, after this period it will fall under manufacturer warranty rules. We do offer returns or swaps policy on hardware once delivery has been accepted.

Mobile Usage & Alerts

We do offer a variety of alerts on minutes, texts or data usage whilst in the UK or Abroad. If you wish to opt into this service this must be requested in writing. We do not send alerts to each user, only the registered email address. It is your own responsibility to monitor usage & you will be liable for all usage mins, texts and data. Please note all Roaming Alerts are on a best endeavour basis, as we are limited by delayed information from foreign networks.

Old Account(s)

Please note Vision are not liable for any cancellation of old accounts with other providers, these remain customers responsibility to cancel & settle.

Cloud PBX Emergency Calls

Please read our “999/112 Emergency Calls Policy & Disclosure Notice” and please ensure you have registered the Handsets at the correct locations. Please click herehere to view policy

You must pay until the contract ends

If you want to end a Service or the contract early, a termination fee will be charged. Vision will invoice the Customer for Minimum Spend Levels that the Customer would have paid for had they not terminated the agreement early, the value of call charges and monthly charges will be based upon the average of the last 6 months’ invoices issued to the receipt of notice of termination.

Cancelling Early

You have the right to cancel your contract early, please see our cancellation policy here.

Contract length

The Minimum Period for all products including data connectivity product commences on the date of activation of the services. Business contracts for all products are for a Minimum Period as per contract.

If you wish to transfer services away during contract, this is your right to do so, however you will invoke the termination clause and a termination fee will be calculated as per T&C’s.

Cooling off Period

Our business contracts do not have a cooling off period, once the connection/service is live and/or you have taken delivery of equipment, order cannot be cancelled without cancellation charges.

Mobile Roaming

Vision offer a range of Roaming Products please visit for more information

When travelling abroad ensure you are fully aware of all Roaming charges before you travel, monitor your usage whilst abroad as you are liable for all usage & costs.
If you travel to a country that is not listed on any Daily Roaming Service (ETS, WTS and WTP) or are at SEA, you could be billed up to £13.50 per MB Used or £3.20 per minute.
Vision do not support direct network roaming products and any attempt to subscribe whilst Roaming will be unsuccessful.

Vision Terms and Conditions

For all terms & conditions please visit
Vision Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all products plus any relevant product T&Cs.

Changing your mind

You may end your contract with us prior the order going live or being activated by sending us an email indicating that you wish to end your contract. Please note cancellation charges and special terms apply for data products &/or where installation/configuration work has commenced.

This summary only briefly highlights the main points of the contract, please always refer back to the full terms and conditions.