Three Features Of Our Hosted Phone Systems In Leeds

If you’ve been using standard PBX handsets in your business over the last few years, it’ll be important that you seek out the latest developments in phone systems and hosting. At Vision Telecom Solutions we’ve got a range of benefits that you can gain with our hosted phone systems in Leeds.

Your business has the chance to improve and revamp its phone systems with our help. Whether you’ve had your handsets for a while and you want to upgrade or you’re looking to increase the number of calls you make and take each day, we can help you. Here are three features of our hosted phone systems in Leeds:

  • HD call quality every time: The great thing about our hosted phone systems in Leeds is the quality of each call. Connection and interference won’t make a difference to the call when it comes through and you’ll be speaking crystal clear to your customers.
  • Music on hold during call: Getting through the day in the office is always difficult without music. Whether you’ve got it playing out loud or through your headphones, our hosted phone system will cut it out to allow you to concentrate when a call comes through.
  • Hosted for video and conference calls: Not stopping at normal calls, our hosted phone systems in Leeds are flexible to support your video and conference calls.

To find out more about our hosted phone systems in Leeds, get in contact with us.