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With our priority business traffic, your connection will remain superfast even during peak times. Our broadband runs over the latest, most efficient networks which means we can deliver it for much less cost than providers using legacy technology.

We understand how imperative connections are for our customers, which is why we have industry leading response and 24/7 UK based support to protect your business from downtime.

ADSL is the UK's most popular form of internet connection

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband is a connection provided over business telephone lines using BT's landline infrastructure.

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Our high speed broadband can simplify your communications and improve your productivity by allowing you to make full use of your business applications and do more online without compromising quality.


ADSL Broadband Explained

Asymmetric Broadband has differing download and upload speeds and download speeds are higher than upload speeds, with the distance from exchange determining the actual speed (max. reach 5K).

ADSL runs over normal PSTN copper telephone wiring (provisioned separately) and can share the circuit with a telephone or fax machine. All copper based services degrade with distance so the longer the wire from the exchange the slower ADSL will run. It is common for the actual line speed to be only a fraction of the advertised headline speed.

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Whatever your business, we've got the right data connectivity solution for you.

Our business broadband solutions have been specifically designed for small to medium sized business. High speeds, low costs and backed by UK based support.

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