Remote working

Secure, Robust, Remote working solutions for companies all over the UK

Remote Working

Improves business efficiency, reduce costs, attracts and retains employees

Many organisations are looking to implement aspects of Hybrid and Remote working solutions.

Our hybrid working brochure offers key insight into:
* Benefits of hybrid working
* Tips & Tricks
* What you need to start Hybrid Working
* Challenges when moving to Hybrid Working


Budgets to suit all companies, one off jobs or monthly per user prices


Work anywhere, anytime, on any device in office or not


Robust authentication and data protection

Integrated working

Converged solutions accessing PC, Laptops, Local Network/servers, Email & Business Critical docs

Virtual private network (VPN)

A VPN creates a secure connection between a remote computer and your office network across the internet. It is the best way of enabling employees to access company resources & makes remote working much more practical. Our I.T engineers can help set up a VPN connection on any laptop, work remotely and access all information securely.

Covid-19 – Remote working solutions

We are helping companies all over the UK with remote working solutions. We offer rapid deployment backed with robust security and functionality. You do not need to spend a lot to see the benefits of remote working.

Cloud PBX - Softphone & Mobile App

Use your smartphone, laptop, pc or deskphone. Work anywhere, anytime with our feature-rich phone system with unlimited UK calls. Make, receive & transfer calls from your smartphone, pc, laptop or your desk phone. No capital expenditure, can span multiple locations with simple monthly user price.

Audio & Video Conferencing

The possibilities are limitless, online meetings, training, technical support, Video webinar, integration with Vision Hosted Telephone system. We use industry leading brands to deploy Audio & Video Conferencing which are engineered & optimised to work reliably.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband enables employee to access the internet anywhere*, anytime accessing vital company information. Home broadband service providers often have restriction on routers, so Mobile broadband dongles or tethering from your smartphone is a great alternative & cost effective way to access the internet (*Minimum 3g coverage required)

Landline Call Forwarding

If you have Landlines we can offer a call forwarding facility, we can still offer solutions that allow your mobile to become your office phone.

I.T Support

Flexible, simple I.T Support, we can advise, supply and deploy various I.T Solutions all over the UK. Flexible solutions for start up’s to large organisations, we offer monthly contracts to one off jobs, I.T support does not require huge budgets. We only offer 1 level of service 24/7 365 days a year support, and yes including all bank holidays.


Our I.T Engineers can set up Webmail, which allows you to access your email through a standard web browser, like Internet Explorer

Short Term Mobiles

We offer short term 3 month contracts on o2 and Vodafone from 1gb Data to Unlimited Data.

Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Desktop allows businesses to work faster and smarter. All your Email, business data, Microsoft Office and business applications are stored in data centres, with anytime access from anywhere. This gives companies flexibility from working in the office, warehouse, home or whilst on the move.

Remote working on a budget

You do not need to spend a lot to see benefits from remote working.


“Refreshing to see a company that cares and changes to my business needs throughout my contract, we really enjoyed the Vision Mobile Manchester United executive hospitality”

Managing Director, Tuscor Lloyds

“We are delighted with the transition process, Vision took care of everything”

Facilities Manager, East Anglia Air Ambulance

One phone system with Unlimited Minutes

Enterprise grade phone system, Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Mobile App Softphone, Outlook & Database integration all in one phone system with Unlimited Minutes.

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