Leased Line


Never compete for bandwidth or speed again...

Unlike standard business broadband, a leased line offers 1:1 contention ratio, which means you can enjoy unrestricted internet connection, just for your exclusive use. You will be able to carry enormous amounts of data on your private line which make it ideal for communicating with your customers.

Since leased line is completely dedicated to your business only, data security is guaranteed. Coupled with our 100% availability SLAs, optimum fix time and optional backup circuit for failover, we can ensure you a reliable connection for business continuity.

100% Dedicated line for your business..

Fully uncontended private line and service. Key benefits include:


Symmetric upload and download speeds


Comes with engineer installation


Completely dedicated to your business only, data security is guaranteed


Optimum fix time and optional backup circuit for failover

Future proof connectivity solution

The Bandwidth of a leased line is highly scalable, meaning that it can evolve with your business. Increase capacity as your business grows & you only pay for the bandwidth you require.


EFM Explained

EFM (ethernet first mile) is a great entry level Symmetric service running over multiple copper circuits. EFM uses multiple copper circuits from the BT exchange and offers symmetrical speeds to 40Mb although realistically few sites will be able to get more than 10Mb. Compared to Fibre Ethernet this Copper Ethernet service typically has lower cost and a much shorter lead time. It also has inbuilt resilience as the loss of a single copper circuit will simply result in a reduction in speed rather than a total loss of service.

GEA Explained

Generic Ethernet Access, or GEA for short, is an entry-level form of Ethernet connectivity that harnesses copper technology between the premises and the cabinet and then fibre to the exchange, before handing data over to the Ethernet network. Not only can GEA save you the large costs of high excess construction charges, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that a leased line has to offer, whilst saving up to 65% in comparison.

Fibre Ethernet Explained

Fibre Ethernet is a pure fibre-optic cable connection running from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to the user's business premises. As it's a fully uncontended 1:1 service, speeds of up to 100 Gigabits are available - Symmetric upload & download speeds. Complete end-to-end connectivity for your business. The flexible nature of our Fibre Ethernet to the premises solution means that you have the ability to add bandwidth as and when your business demands it, that way you are only ever paying for what you require and nothing more.

Leased Lines are Symmetric

They can upload data at the same fast speed at which they can download data unlike a standard Broadband connection. If your business requires to send large files, upload files, back up data using cloud /online services or you use Cloud or Hosted Telephone Systems – you need a leased line.

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