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How we do it...

We operate with tier 1 suppliers including BT & Openreach, allowing us to provide you with access to the biggest and most reliable telecommunications networks in the UK.

Your business lines still remain on the BT Network, and will be supported by BT Openreach. We have agreed extraordinary rates with tier 1 carriers including BT Wholesale that will give you the lowest prices available for both line rental and calls. You get billed by Vision/Partner and it’s really easy to switch, choose the saving and we look after everything else.

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Choice of business lines

The first thing to think about when choosing a business landline supplier is the type of line you want to have...

Analogue Line (PSTN)
Suitable for Small Office

Available in all areas, and are the most common type of line for small businesses this enables the use of a single line at any one time and is generally used as a phone or fax line, Analogue lines also support broadband internet. A lot of UK business still use this reliable & dependable solution, with its clear call quality and low power outage.

Analogue Multi-Line
Suitable for Small Office

Are simply more than one analogue line, configured to run off one telephone number. If a caller dials your number and the first line is in use, it will divert to the second line and so on and so forth. Ideal cost effective option for a small business telephone system without the need to expand to an 8 Channel ISDN2.

ISDN2 Lines
Suitable for Small to Medium Office

These are the perfect choice for businesses of more than 5 employees, as they offer two core benefits over analogue lines. Firstly, more than one call can be made via a single physical cable into the premises. Secondly, multiple telephone numbers are supported allowing separate external numbers for departments and direct dial numbers for each employee. ISDN2 starts off with 2 channels but you can add up to 8 channels in total with the most minimal amount of fuss. An On Premise Phone System is required when using ISDN technology.

ISDN30 Lines
Suitable for a Large Office

Offering similar services to ISDN2e, the major difference is that an ISDN30 is provided using Fibre Optic cable to the premises, the channels can carry both calls and data. ISDN30 starts off with a minimum of 8 channels up to a maximum of 30 channels (lines). These channels can either be used separately or they can be combined together to increase your bandwidth. Whether you need to regularly use video conferencing or send large data files the ISDN30 lines will not let you down. An On Premise Phone System is required when using ISDN technology.

VoIP / SIP Trunking
Suitable for small to multi-site Offices.

Voice over the internet, is a revolutionary technology turning a simple internet connection into a fully functional phone system. Vision business VoIP services offer a secure, reliable platform delivering a quality service that is completely flexible. VoIP lines are simply using the internet to transport voice calls, instead of traditional Analogue or ISDN lines and provide a truly scalable and future proof solution. Multiple simultaneous calls and telephone numbers are supported just like ISDN.

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