Flexible Mobile Leasing

Simple, flexible Lease options

What is Leasing?

Leasing is quite simply the process of acquiring equipment via finance and paying for it in manageable monthly amounts over a pre-agreed term.

We work with a number of Suppliers and third-party lenders, enabling you to get financing for the equipment you need today, without laying large sums of money upfront.

By paying for the equipment monthly you will be preserving your hard-earned working capital and not tying money up in ever-depreciating assets.

Most importantly, Leasing allows you to invest your money in more profitable activities – which enable your business to grow.

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Simple, flexible Lease Solutions for Mobile, Laptops & I.T equipment, Telephone Systems & tablets

Did you know 80% of the FTSE 500 lease their IT and Telecoms equipment because of the benefits it brings to their business?

Leasing qualifies as an operating expense to your business and so is 100% tax deductible.

This means, at the end of each financial year you can deduct Leased expenditure from your tax bill, giving you greater profits!

What are the benefits?

Putting your hard-earned money to better use is the #1 reason businesses lease office equipment. Here are some others:

It is cheaper than buying outright (once tax relief is accounted for)

Afford the best quality - no compromises

Flexible tenures from 12 – 60 Months

VAT is charged on the smaller payments and not the large fee at the start

Tax allowable — rentals are an operating expense and so are 100% tax deductible

Payments are fixed for the term

One rental can include all equipment and ancillary costs i.e. consultancy, installation, training and maintenance

Keep your credit lines intact — Leasing does not affect any of your existing credit lines

You are free to upgrade, make additions, or settle the finance agreement at any point

Flexible options at the end of the Lease – including indefinite ownership

What’s the process? It’s really quite simple.

Simply tell Vision what equipment you would like.

Confirm the tenure that best suits your budget and soon after, your finance agreement will arrive via email.

Upon completion of the Lease Telecom paperwork, Vision will deliver the equipment and then your instalments will begin (paid by Direct Debit). You will pay Lease Telecom each month and not Vision.

At the end of the lease you will be given the option to keep, upgrade or return the equipment, it’s that simple!

What can be Leased?

Desktop Phones, Telephone Systems, VOIP & Cloud PBX licenses, Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Servers & Networking, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Copiers & Printers, Peripherals (headsets, keyboards etc.)

Many business customers are delighted to find that professional services can also be included in the Lease. So if your upgrade requires installation, setup, training or maintenance fees, these can be broken down into monthly payments too!


Why Lease Smartphones?


  • Due to the increased cost of smartphones, network bills are higher than ever and no longer provide contractual flexibility or value for money.
  • By separating your hardware and network costs you can save £100s per user, as well as:
  • By separating hardware and airtime you get greater visibility of your company’s mobile expenditure allowing you to pay only for what you need
  • Substantial savings to be made on Sim Only Tariffs & leasing rather than the traditional contract.
  • Upgrade your smartphones every 12, 24 or 36 months, it’s up to you
  • Shop for the best airtime contract with minimal commitment, SIM Only plans can be as low as £12 per month billed on 30 day rolling contracts
  • Save money by being more specific on the smartphones your company uses, don’t settle for a ‘one-size fits all contract’
  •  With leasing there is no upfront contribution for hardware, simply start paying from month one
  • Achieve one technology bill by wrapping your smartphones in with other company hardware and software requirements

Get the latest Smartphones from £15 per month

Simple, flexible lease options, swap handsets more often, benefit from lower sim only prices & no more expensive tariffs

iPhone 11

from £29 per month

iPhone SE2

from £19.99 per month

Samsung S20

from £19.99 per month


from £19.99 per month

*Subject to status, Limited companies only *Prices quoted are based on 36 month & min 2 handsets * Handset only via Lease Telecom * Sim not included


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