Data & Network Cabling Solutions

We offer a full network data cabling service for business off all sizes throughout the North West, North East, Midland and Wales. Vision structured cabling system provides a platform for transferring data, voice & multi-media application around your premises.

We offer:

• Structured Cabling Services – cat 5,6,7 and Fibre
• Free Consultations & site survey
• Office move service or simply upgrading your current infrastructure.
• We Plan, We Install, We are Professionals

• Unified Wiring Solution with ability to carry data (Broadband), voice & video.

• Fast & robust - carries high bandwidth which means its future proof and can support new technology like IP & Hosted telephony.

• More cost effective than having several cabling networks and is generally easier to manage.

• Simplicity - You can plug in and start working straight away, regardless if you move desks, floors, change layout of building.

• POE Switch – Addition of a POE together with cat5/6 cabling enables to run power, data, voice & video over your network.

We Supply
Structured cabling to businesses all over the UK

We Install
Anywhere in the country

We are Professionals
We only employ the best engineers & all work is carried out in accordance with UK standards. We carry out a site survey, agree socket locations, run data cables to a central comms location & terminate on patch panels, next to your connectivity & phone lines.

Cabling options

Cat 5 cabling

reliable, open infrastructure, which supports all LANs up to and including 100Mbit/s Ethernet.

Cat 5e cabling

For LAN support up to and including 1000Mbit/s, look for systems guaranteeing Gigabit Ethernet support

Cat 6 cabling z

Provides higher performance, specified to 250MHz. Currently supports systems up to one Gigabit, with the potential to support higher speeds in the future.

Cat 6a cabling

new generation of cabling which is being introduced to support the operation of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T).

Cat 7 cabling

Specified to 600MHz, Cat 7 is a ‘fully shielded’ cabling system, which offers more than twice the bandwidth of Cat 6 but is also both bulkier and more expensive than Cat 5/6 cabling systems.

Fibre Optics

This suitable for high speed fibre transmission systems, including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone technologies, utilising second generation fibres such as OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS1.

Bespoke solution cabling

his is for larger installations. Vision can install any cabling scheme to supplied specifications.


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What our customers are saying...

“Refreshing to see a company that cares and changes to my business needs throughout my contract, we really enjoyed the Vision Mobile Manchester United executive hospitality”

Managing Director, Tuscor Lloyds

“We are delighted with the transition process, Vision took care of everything”

Facilities Manager, East Anglia Air Ambulance