Vision Studio Professional Voiceover

Professional Voice Messages, Music on hold & Audio Branding for your phone system

On average,
20% of call duration spent on-hold.

Vision Studio turns this time into an opportunity for you to delight your customers, and market your products and services.

How does Audio Branding help?

Welcome messages

• Creates a professional first impression
• Reduces waiting times
• Helps route calls to the right department


• Callers hear targeted upsell messages
• Relevant, targeted information for every caller
• Engages callers whilst waiting


• Upsell to prospects and customers
• Inform callers with comfort messages
• Entertain callers whilst waiting

Your phone system is a key customer interface

Does it create a good impression? Are your callers routed through a menu that’s easy to navigate, and what do they hear whilst they’re waiting to speak to you, or whilst you’re working on their request?

A great caller experience

A great caller experience starts with professionally recorded welcome messages, menus, and music on hold. Vision Studio enables you to seamlessly implement music and messages from a library of 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages, or procure bespoke prompts and messages, recorded by one of 300+ voice artists or immediately by one of our best of breed text-to-speech (TTS) characters, all edited, and quality checked by sound engineers.

Easy-to-use portal

With our easy-to-use portal you can combine your on-hold marketing and comfort messages with a variety of licence-free music tracks to download instantly, giving your callers a superior experience. We have pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription packages, so there is a solution for every business, whether large or small.

Choose Your Plan

Vision Studio provides so much more than just recordings!

It incorporates everything you need to turn callers’ time on hold into an opportunity to upsell your products and services.

Everything you need

• Instant recordings using text-to-speech characters
• Bespoke recordings from 300+ professional voice artists with a range of languages and dialects
• Pre-recorded marketing messages to use straight away, or tailor and add into your on-hold compilations
• Vast library of license-free music tracks to mix together with your on-hold messages
• On-hold message and music compilations mixed and available to download instantly

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