But CYBER SECURITY is beautiful

Prepare, Protect & get Rapid recovery from threats so business can continue.

Improve cyber security within your organisation - quickly, easily and at low cost.
We specialise in security testing, software, encryption, backup solutions & disaster recovery. We’ll give your peace of mind, so you can focus on your own business and sleep at night.

Research shows nearly 50% of UK business suffered at least one cyber breach in the last year.

Vision has experience of implementing a wide range of security solutions for Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Email filtering and monitoring, Firewalls, Gateways, Virtual Private Networks and even security camera and building management systems.


Cyber Security Software

We have skilled I.T Security consultants who will get to grips with your network quickly, audit and make recommendations to protect against a cyber-attack. Preparation & training is essential for an effective security strategy, & our team offers advice & webinars to clients.

Network Penetration Tests

We will review and test your network & data for weak spots. We encourage that customers take a pro-active approach, prepare & protect in order for business continuity.

Business Continuity, Back-up Solutions & Disaster Recovery


Cyber attacks, power outage, hardware failure, human error, lines & broadband failure, there’s a lot that can go wrong; much of which is out of your control. Business data is key, yet still a lot of companies small & big think ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach.

“What would the effect be on your customers and ability to continue with your businesses if your premises could not be accessed for days or weeks?”

Our strategy is simple as 1,2,3


1. Plan & Be prepared

All business’s & organisations need a to be prepared, planning does not need to be complicated especially for a small business. The essential is to have prepared for the worst that could realistically happen and have identified what would help you survive. You may find your business insurance insists on a plan.


2. Automated Back Up & Recovery

Although the quantity of data on today’s computer networks can be substantial, it is typically only a small percentage of this data that is critical to the company.

Automated Backup – Vision takes a copy of your critical data every week and a differential copy (everything since the last full backup) on every week night.

Automated Recovery: Vision can (where applicable), restore this data every day to its own servers, automatically.


3. Always available Clients

Vision can maintain a client PC (or PC’s), configured with your client software and pointing at the data on the servers.

Backups are a key component of an effective data disaster recovery plan. Our key aim is to make it simple & easy to get you back on your feet and your network back up and running with minimum disruption.

Are there limitations?

Yes. Some applications (in particular mail servers) have complex configurations that cannot co-exist with other systems at the same time. We can take the data (Step 1), but not restore automatically. There are also bandwidth limitations. We can only take data from your networks that can be transferred in acceptable timescales. This isn’t our limitation, it is the speed of your internet connection. For example, it takes around an hour to transfer 100MB over a standard Broadband connection.

Can you guarantee it?

There are some areas outside of our control. For example, your own servers may be switched off or your internet connection may be unavailable. We automate the steps you ask us to and report their success (or failure) automatically every day. In the event of a failure we will take immediate remedial action. You can visit our technology centre and see the solution in action any time you please

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