Cloud Storage


Box is a powerful yet simple online storage tool that helps businesses of all sizes keep everything they need all in one place.

Who’s it for?

Any business that needs a secure way to share documents, inside or outside the office and with people outside the business. It works across all platforms and the beauty of Box is it grows with you. So it’s perfect for small businesses and large enterprises too.

And with the Box app on your smartphone and tablet, you can get hold of anything, anywhere.

Key features and benefits

Box is a unique way to bring all your important content together in the cloud. It’s simple to set up, easy to use and designed for how businesses want to work today.

Easy to use

It’s easy to start uploading, downloading and sharing files on Box. It works with what you already have, so it can be set up in minutes.

Helps you do more

Being able to collaborate easily helps you make decisions quickly. So you can work smarter, get more done and keep teams up-to-date.

Saves money

There’s no need to invest in your servers. Box hosts your content in the cloud, so you don’t have to pay for on-site storage.

Grows with you

Box is all yours with a simple monthly fee per user. It’s easy to add users so, when you grow, Box grows with you.

Sit in the driver’s seat

Box gives you full admin control over who can access files and folders. It also encrypts all your sensitive information, in the office or on the go.

Free up your inbox

With all your important and sizable information safe and securely uploaded to Box, there’s no need to send large files by email.

Instant back up plan

With all your documents safely stored online, if anything happens to your premises, laptop or phone, everything you need is right where you left it.

Make Box yours

Add your organisation’s branding to Box. That way you get all the features and capability, and clients simply see it as a part of your business.


What you get with your Box business solution

What you getWhy it's good for business
Storage options from 100GB to unlimitedAll the storage you need, if you're running out of space, upgrade to our unlimited option.
Admin consoleControl your documents and who's using them. Admin console lets you see everything you have, whose sharing what and even change access settings from anywhere.
Enterprise level securityMakes sure your confidential information stays that way. Box has internet banking level security. All documents are password protected, have expiry date and you can restrict download settings.
Auto updatesUpdates automatically. So you'll always be using the latest version.
Edit documents in the cloudThe real-time collaboration. No more having to download the document, amend and upload a new version. And Box manages versions too. So you always know which is the latest.
Access files on the flyWhatever smart phone or tablet you use, get fast, easy access to all your documents via the box app.
24-7-365 access to your dataBox uses multiple data centres that are always up and running. So server downtime is a thing of the past.
Fixed monthly costsPick of the fixed-price package that is right for you. There are no extras. No hidden charges. Just one simple subscription starting from £3.50 a month bracket (ex VAT).

Real Support from Real People

If you need help our support team are there for you.
Calls answered within 3 rings; 85% of all queries resolved within one call.

We're proud of our business.

We're a natural choice for businesses with our high quality service, competitive pricing and constant innovation. We strive to understand what you want to do. We help you choose the right solution at the right price for your business.


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