Wi-Fi is Getting Smarter

Social WiFi gives customers ability to log on to Wi-Fi using their existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. After all, it’s so much easier than filling in a form, ticking boxes or asking for the Wi-Fi password.

The Wireless Social website defines social Wi-Fi, often abbreviated to SoWiFi, as the term given to Wi-Fi hotspots that allow users to log on to the internet using their social media accounts. It’s sometimes also referred to as Facebook Wi-Fi or Facebook Wi-Fi log on, even though other social media sites can be used, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Social Wi-Fi benefits from a protocol developed by the social media companies to make it as easy as possible to stay connected when using their platforms. As a result, they benefit from increased use of their service, consumers benefit from staying connected and businesses benefit from the consumer data they are able to collect.

Customer data has long been regarded as a currency in its own right and its value is soaring given the amount of money enterprises are spending on getting their customer first or customer led marketing strategies in place.



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