5G is here and it’s going to change everything!

5G EE  will be switched on in 6 UK launch Cities on 30th May 2019: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh



  • The 5G network has more capacity than 4G, which means better connections in busy places.
  • 4G hits speeds of 400Mbps, 5G will break the 1Gbps barrier – so you will really notice the difference.
  • It’s all done using radio frequencies. 5G uses higher frequencies than 4G, which means they can move faster and carry more information.
  • The 5G network can be ‘sliced’. That means operators can slice bits off and dedicate them to specific tasks like calls over the internet.
  • As well as giving businesses the advantage today, 5G can prepare them for the technological advances of tomorrow


What Handsets are compatible with 5gee?

OnePlus 7 Pro 5g

Oppo Reno 5g

Samsung Galaxy s10 5g

LG V50 ThinQ

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