Business Telephony Update all business should be aware of! The clock is ticking!

BT have announced by 2025 traditional ISDN Lines will be switched off.

Is your business ready for the big switch off?

Begin the journey from ISDN to a range of alternative solutions from SIP & Hosted Voice with Vision Telecom Solutions.

Decline of ISDN Lines

BT still have over 3 million ISDN channels, but this has been on the decline for years now. The main reasons for the decline is:

  • Greater use of mobile phones due to improved mobile network coverage with better pricing
  • Greater availability of faster broadband connections
  • Greater demand for remote/flexible working have made Cloud and Hosted Telephony highly attractive.

These trends are set to increase exponentially, but the Ofcom report indicates that “Despite rapidly declining fixed call volumes, there has only been relatively little change in the number of UK fixed lines (including PSTN lines and ISDN channels)”.

We are years away from ISDN shut down – why worry now? 

Good question! ISDN system are diminishing investments, hardware requires replacing due to a limited shelf life and at some point will fail. The advantages of hosted Voice or SIP are so great they simply should not be delayed or ignored, especially as moving to a hosted system costs Zero Upfront investment and all you have to do is choose a desk phone just like ordering mobiles for your business. Why wait when you could get ahead of your competition?

A large number of companies with ISDN have yet to realise the cost & practical benefits of Sip & Hosted Voice telephony – why wait when you could get ahead of your competition.

What are my options for replacing ISDN Lines and ISDN based Telephone System?

Due to improved Internet speeds, a host of options are available from “Hosted System or Sip Trunks”.

I want to retain my landline Number?

This can be done by porting your number into the cloud, which then allows you to keep this number regardless of your geographical location. Move anywhere in the UK and retain your number.
However currently on ISDN or Analogue connection e.g. you have a London dialling code & wanted to move outside of London you would lose your number, which would cost additional monies in re-printing and re-advertising your new number.

Fully Hosted VoIP System

The UK has seen a big shift towards Cloud/Hosted/Voip Telephone Systems which is an amazing solution for a lot of businesses.

Host your telephone system in the cloud and not in your premises and route your calls over the internet and not landlines (ISDN, Analogue). All that sits in your office is the desk phone everything else is hosted in the cloud.

Very easy to deploy and is perfect for smaller businesses which don’t currently have a physical onsite phone system or larger business which need to move onto a hosted platform.

  • Hosted
  • Zero Maintenance charges
  • IP & HD crystal clear call quality
  • 100’s features for a simple monthly price
  • Future proof
  • Mobile, Tablet, Laptop can all be used as part of your phone system anywhere in the UK to make & receive calls.
  • Move anywhere in the UK and retain your number.

Cloud Telephone System, Hosted Voice, VoIP call it what you want it’s the same product with the same great advantages. A Cloud Telephone System is dependent on a Broadband connection, you must ensure you have an assured broadband connection lease line, EFM, GEA or Fibre to the cabinet

SIP trunks

A SIP trunk is basically a digital port placed over your existing telephone system to give it a greater degree of flexibility. This ISDN replacement is suitable for businesses which have a phone system which is IP enabled.

You essentially use your existing on-premise telephone system (not hosted in the cloud) and re-route the calls over the Internet instead of ISDN or Analogue landlines.

  • Move anywhere in the UK and retain your number.
  • Simple monthly pricing with Unlimited Calls or Pence per minute
  • Forward calls to mobiles with ease.
  • Reduce call costs
  • Re-use existing hardware and telephone system

Disadvantages of SIP vs Hosted Cloud System


Sip uses on premise telephone system & hardware and Cloud does not.

Sip reliance on an on-premise telephone system will mean additional maintenance costs whilst hosted/VoIP/cloud does not.

Sip reliance on an on-premise telephone system will mean hardware will only last 5 to 10 years and will require replacing and mean additional Upfront capital costs. Only thing that needs replacing on a Cloud system is your phones when it breaks down

Is your business ready for when ISDN is no longer available? We can help with the switchover. Contact team OC to find out more! #UKbusiness

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