ISDN is due to shut off in 2025

Business all over the UK are coming to terms with the fact that any Telephone Numbers on ISDN & PSTN Analogue Lines will be switched off in 2025.
Are you ready for the ISDN Switch off in 2025?

Why are BT shutting down ISDN Lines ?
The reason BT is phasing out ISDN lines is due to the many drawbacks connected with this technology, as well as the development of more advanced options which are today available to businesses of all sizes. Simply put it costs too much to run ISDN Network.

What will happen & When ?
ISDN network is due to be closed by 2025, and all numbers will need to moved off any ISDN circuits (ISDN 2 and ISDN 30) by 2024. BT have announced No New orders for ISDN will be available after 2023

What will I need to change?
You will need to consider the following:-
Business Telephone numbers on ISDN will need to be moved to a different platform or line.
ISDN Telephone Systems – may require upgrading or changing, systems that run ISDN lines may or may not be able to run other lines/connectivity options.

What are my Options when moving Numbers off ISDN Lines?
You have multiple options available, and don’t worry it’s a very easy process which Vision can talk you through
Any Numbers on ISDN Lines can be moved to:
SIP Channels
Hosted Channels

What are my Options with my ISDN Telephone System?
A simple 2 step process:-

1st Question?
Determine your current telephone system capability – Analogue or IP enabled ?
Handsets – are they IP enabled ?
Once the above is achieved, you can then consider your options moving forward. Do you want to re-use system, will it be financially viable to re-use, will new technology provide a better solution in terms of costs, use-ability and features / specification and be future proof.

2nd Question?
Chose type Phone System technology you want to use in future:-
On-Premise phone system?
Hosted Phone System ?
On Premise vs Hosted argument will go on and on, simply put both options have pro’s & con’s, a lot will come down to cost and what future plans you have for the business.
Download our Cloud PBX vs On Premise Phone System Comparison
Download our Cloud Phone System Buyers Guide

All seems very confusing, I don’t it want to impact my business?
You have many options available, and don’t worry you won’t lose your Telephone numbers.
Why not speak with Vision telecom solutions, we have been providing telephone systems & voice for over 13 years and have a wealth of knowledge.  Arrange a meeting at your premises or over the phone, with one of our Business Consultant who will guide you through this process.
It’s easy and painless, you just need to speak with Vision Telecom

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