Syria and Turkey Notification – Vision O2 & Vodafone Mobile Customers

We want your customers to stay in touch with loved ones in Syria and Turkey during this difficult time, so further to the network’s recent announcements, we will support our customers by refunding and crediting calls and texts made to, or whilst roaming in these affected destinations. 

This means that any calls or texts made by your customers to Syria or Turkey from 6th February 2023 until the end of the month will be credited back to you.

In addition roaming charges for calls (to landline and mobile), texts and data incurred during this time will be handled similarly with both standard roaming rates and daily roaming charges* qualifying for credit. Customers will receive a credit note after their bill has been generated for these charges.

Please note:

– Traffic will bill out at standard costs. Vision will begin to reconcile billing data after 1st March 2023, and a credit will be subsequently applied. Please allow 14 days from the invoice for Vision to apply credit.

– Vision reserves the right to withdraw concessions with immediate notice.

Vision extends our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those impacted by the devastation.

If you have any questions about the above update, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

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