The PSTN 2025 Switch Off Guide

What’s happening?

All customers have to move to a Digital phone line before 2025.

Openreach will STOP the old analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) which affects Analogue Lines, ISDN and the Lines that Fibre to the Cabinet use, are being switched off and moving to a fully digital network.

We’ve already started moving customers

By 2025 every phone line in the UK will be digitalrouting calls over IP (Internet Protocol) rather than the traditional PSTN.

When you say ‘everyone…’?

Yes, we mean everyone. Business and home.

It’s not just you phone Line, it includes every device or service that uses Analogue Lines & old phone network – like CCTV, Broadband, Fax machines, EPOS machines, credit card terminals

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The PSTN network is old, some lines are from the 19th century.

We need a network to support our modern day lifestyle which is all about data & digital. Technology over the past years requires a modern network due to smartphones, cloud, video calling, social media and all our connected devices at home and in our businesses.

2025 – no need to worry its years away – wrong!

We’re encouraging our customers to start planning their move today because there could be a lot to do, bearing in mind it’s not just about calls. Over 25 million lines will go end of life by the end of 2025, and this means that the industry needs to be moving over 24,000 lines per day onto new products and services.

This may not be on everyone’s radar yet, and that means very few are taking steps to switch and future-proof their business, and while there are some early adopters, the majority haven’t really thought about what they are going to do and when. This means that the number of people per day needing to move is likely to continue growing until it becomes impossible to get everyone moved in time, yet BT are adamant that the switch off will happen in December 2025 regardless.

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